5 ways to save money this new year

5 ways to save money this new year

You have tried all the tricks, like yard sales and giving up your favorite Starbucks latte. This new year, you want some real ways that you can save money.

Whether you’re saving up for a fun getaway with friends or retirement, saving money is certainly a worthwhile endeavor. No one ever regretted saving money.

Today, I will discuss some ways to save money. Some may be fun and easy while others may be more of an investment of time and energy.

5. 52 Week Jar Challenge 

Each monday, put money into a jar. Week 1 is one dollar; week 2 is two dollars. At the end of the year you’ll have over a thousand dollars!

You can either continue to save this money, put it in the bank, or spend it at your leisure. This is a harmless challenge that can actually be enjoyable.

Decorate your jar and put it in plain sight! Have your housemates, partner, or family cheer you on.

4. No Online Shopping for Three Weeks 

If you’re an avid online shopper, your bills will begin to accumulate faster than ever! If you have amazon prime and don’t have to pay the shipping fee, the desire to keep on purchasing is difficult to quell.

Resist online shopping for three weeks and see how much you save! This does not mean that you rush out to target for every urge for clothing, make-up, or accessories.

This is about saving money, not finding an alternative platform.

3. Cancel Your Subscriptions 

Shoot, you missed the deadline and now you’re paying $99 per year on that random subscription that you don’t actually use.

Ask yourself a few important questions: Are you reading The New Yorker or Psychology Today? Are you actually using Skillshare, your local gym, audible, or hulu.

If the answer is no, then cancel it,

2. Cheaper Rent 

(No, wrong rent!)

If you’re living in one of the more expensive cities, you might want to rethink your resolution to save money. Ask yourself if you could be just as happy in a more affordable city.

If you need to move in with your parents for a year to save money, so be it. Paying a fortune on rent is one of the worst investments out there.

1. Rethink the Ring



First of all, congratulations on deciding that you’re ready to tie the knot! Still, if you can’t afford an engagement ring, don’t buy one! It’s easy to get caught up in tie romance, but try to think things through.

Are you willing to face the aftermath of spending money that you don’t have? If you’ve decided to go ahead with it, I’m not here to stop you!

There are jewelry stores that don’t have skyrocketing interest rates. Find them. Consider a non-diamond engagement ring. Perhaps your partner would like to see her birthstone on her finger.

It may be a better investment to get a personal loan so you can pay off the ring before the promotional period ends.


I hope the tips in this blog allows you to save money in 2020. I wish nothing but wealth and abundance for you!

To put your dream into a reality, you’ve got to do the work. It’s about making sacrifices.

Think things over thoroughly and make the best choice for yourself. Make sure your decision aligns with your wholehearted goals rather than fleeting whims.


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